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You choose the topic, we provide the expertise.

Get step-by-step coaching, cooking tips, and ask all the questions you want - it's just you and Chef Sherri! She will cook alongside you, as well as watch and coach you as you complete your lesson together. Price includes up to 2 people in the class.

Additional people are welcome to attend for a $50/pp fee.


It depends on what you want to cover. In general, any dish will need a good knife, a cutting board, some bowls for mixing or ingredient holding, and either a pot/pan for your cooktop or a pan/dish for the oven. We do our best to make sure your dish can be made using standard kitchen equipment. That being said, you'll receive information on the exact equipment you need at least a few days prior to your class; if anything needs to be purchased, you can choose to do so, or you can let us know what's not available and we will tailor the recipe to the equipment you have on hand.

Absolutely. And we'll be available to answer any questions you might have.

We love doing group lessons! It adds even more fun to the experience, and pricing is very well suited for groups.

Any experience with Chef Sherri Sauces can be cancelled and refunded within 24 hours of purchase. If you cancel your class 15 or more days before the class start time, you will receive 100% credit towards your account. Please know, any cancellation within a 7 days of a class start time cannot be refunded. We block off time for your event, which means we turn away all other lesson requests for that day and time. When a party cancels, we would lose wages for that day and, within a short window, it's likely those wages will not be recovered.