Chef Sherri Sauces was created out of a passion to help people create delicious, healthier dishes without much effort. As a personal chef and certified nutrition coach, Chef Sherri repeatedly heard from clients how they wanted to eat better but either lacked the time, skill, knowledge, or desire to cook. Consequently, they often turned to highly-processed pre-made meals, fast food, chemical-laden ingredients, or would just skip eating. She knew she could help and set about finding a way.

With the help of clients, friends, and fellow chefs, Sherri began fine-tuning a few sauces she had made for years and also added a few new ones to the line-up. Over the course of a year she continued testing, creating dishes using the sauces, tweaking, and repeating all over again. Once there was local demand for her sauces she knew it was time to make them available to the entire country. We're very excited to say that we have now shipped sauces all over the United States now, including Alaska and Hawaii!

Chef Sherri's over-arching goal is to not only make your cooking life easier, healthier, and delicious, but also make cooking something you look forward to. You'll find lots of guidance on our social media sites (links are in the footer of the website), and Chef Sherri is also available for one-to-one cooking and nutrition lessons if you'd like a more personal touch.

We sincerely thank you for inviting us into your home. Welcome to our saucy family!